How and Why to Start Sketchnoting at IxDA DC

I’m very pleased to have presented the “sketching” part of the recent IxDA DC event, Drinking & Sketching (not necessarily in that order).

The cards I used for my presentation, “How and Why to Start Sketchnoting” were very similar to those from UX Week 2012 and IA Summit 2012, so check those out, if you’d like.

My fellow presenter, Mr. David Farkas, gave his presentation “Interaction Design through Mixology,” which you can even watch on Vimeo. He also brought along some cucumber-infused gin and mint-infused vodka, to make us tasty drinks.

After the two presentations, IxDA local leader Kim Bieler gave David and I the honor of awarding two copies of Ethan Marcotte’s Responsive Web Design. As promised, we awarded the books randomly amongst those brave enough to show us their notes of David’s talk. Remember, sketchnoting is a process, not a product!

Especially fun was that several of my fellow Shapers—Chuck BorowiczPJ Camp MalikJody Thomas, and Nathan Curtis—got to attend. It was so great to have them in the audience.

The whole evening was a grand time. If you were there and we didn’t get to chat, please do say hello at the next DC event we both attend.


About Veronica Erb

Designs, researches, illustrates, and writes code. Plays ukulele. Dances Balboa. Grew up in a geodesic dome, and hasn't gotten over it.
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