A morning at UX Week and three days in San Francisco

I had the pleasure and honor to give my How and Why to Start Sketchnoting talk at UX Week last Tuesday.

Though I only was able to stay for the first morning’s sessions, I can tell you that it was a fantastic show.

The Slides

If you came here looking for the “slides” for my How and Why to Start Sketchonting talk, here they are.*

The people at UX Week

The crew at UX Week was fantastic! Most of my interactions were with Mr. Jamieson Chandler of Adaptive Path, and he is one class act. Jamieson helped me with everything from travel logistics to getting me settled in SF. I always felt like everything was entirely under control with his guidance.

It was a pleasure to meet Jesse James Garrett in person, and to sketchnote his iWitness case study, as well. I got to see Jesse speak once before, at his 2011 Midwest UX Keynote, but I was sadly not yet sketchnoting.

The A/V crew did an amazing job. I can’t wait to see the videos! For the presentation, it was a little rocky explaining the IPEVO Camera setup, but they were professional and reassuring throughout the whole process.

I got to speak to three folks before the conference began, and boy, did they help me shake off some of my nervousness. Thanks for your excellent conversation and interest in sketchnoting!

I also need to say hello to the four ladies who allowed me to jump ahead of them in bathroom line just before my speaker block. To the one who joked, “You’d better be good!” I hope you weren’t disappointed.

And finally, Hello to Mr. Dane Petersen! My dear friend and fellow UXer, Lorelei Kelly, has taken to connecting me with all of her friends and classmates from IU, one by one. It started with Binaebi Akah (co-leader of our Let’s Sketchnote! workshop), and has continued to Dane. It was great to chat, however briefly. I hope to have more opportunities in the future.

My UX Week sketchnotes

Sketchnoting is even harder when actively being calm about speaking about sketchnoting to an unknown crowd. But! you can check out my UX Week sketchnotes on Flickr and see how I do under pressure.

I think my favorite talk to sketch was Nicholas de Monchaux‘s Fashioning Apollo, mostly because I indulged in drawing a headshot of the amazing space suit. (PS, a favorite blog of mine, Threaded at the Smithsonian, did a neat post about NASA spacesuits and the related fashion. Check it out.)

A little downtown San Francisco exploring

I was really pleased to get to spend a bit of time wandering around the few blocks near my hotel. On Sunday I got to meet up with a friend from college, and on Monday I explored the nearby Yerba Buena Gardens and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

If you’re in San Francisco before October 8 this year, be sure to go check out the Cindy Sherman show at SFMOMA.

When I was in college, my painting professor Bobbie McKibbin showed us Cindy’s Film Stills, and I didn’t quite get them. But now, a few years wiser, I found the show at SFMOMA to be absolutely enthralling. The emotion that Cindy portrays in each composition is so very immediate and engaging, I was pleased to have had the opportunity to see the show.

Thanks again!

It was great to be a part of and enjoy some of UX Week, and to finally visit San Francisco.

Please stay in touch, or get in touch if you haven’t said hello yet. It was nice to see you!

* If you want to look at a deck with after-the-fact-reconstructed-examples, check out my IA Summit 2012 deck. I spent quite a bit of time with Photoshop’s clone stamp to make that happen, and don’t fancy doing it again.


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1 Response to A morning at UX Week and three days in San Francisco

  1. Millie Erb says:

    Amazing sketching. Love your style.

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