Why and How to Start Sketchnoting, IA Summit 2012

At the 2012 IA Summit, I had the pleasure of presenting “Why and How to Start Sketchnoting” to a fantastic audience.

[Addendum: If you missed this talk at IA Summit, you can watch a (refined in presentation but very similar in content) talk that I gave at UX Week a few months later: How and Why to Start Sketchnoting on Vimeo.]

[Additional addendum: I still don’t know who saw this IA Summit talk so they could recommend me to UX Week. Please fess up, if it was you!]

The slides, or rather, index cards

Photographs of my index card “slides” are available both on Slideshare and Speaker Deck. They now include recreations of the live-drawn slides: the first-things-first demos and the arrows, texture, and frames. Enjoy!

If you use them at work or otherwise, please do let me know how it goes. 

My IAS12 sketchnotes

It was pretty neat to get to practice the subject of my talk while at the conference—I imagine that not many speakers have the same opportunity.

Happily, I managed to sketchnote the talk immediately before mine. Deb Gelman (@dgelman) was the perfect session partner. Thanks, Deb!

You can check out my IAS12 sketchnotes on Flickr  and examine how the principles from my talk play out in real notes.

Thanks for all the sketchnotes!

I especially loved how many folks gave sketchnoting a whirl after the talk, regardless of whether they were brave enough to share with me or the intarwebs. (My spies tell me there were even more people sketchin’ than I got to talk to individually.) One story in particular has me pretty excited.

During the Q&A, a young woman asked how to balance the detail in sketchnotes and what to do when you run out of space, or revert back to plain text notes because of the speed of the talk. I was concerned that my answer—just push through it and pace yourself, or, honestly, stop taking notes for that talk—was too hard-assed and not helpful enough.

As it turns out, I didn’t have to worry. The young woman—Julie Blitzer (@zhuli)—later tweeted both her sketchnotes of my talk and her success in the following talks.

I just sketchnoted the next two talks I attended. You are right, I just need to make myself do it and then it's easy. —Julie Blitzer, @zhuli

Thanks for pushing through it, Julie!

What’s next? Join us at MidwestUX!

Along with Binaebi Akah (@siriomi) and Charlene McBride (@ursonate), I’ll be co-leading a workshop, “Let’s Sketchnote!” at MidwestUX, on May 31 in Columbus, OH. I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the first MidwestUX last year, and I can tell you that the conference is off to a fantastic start. I hope you come and join us!


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