Anticipating new UX books

My organization provides all its employees with an awesome benefit: a yearly stipend to use for professional growth. This year, after purchasing four books and registering for a workshop, two conferences, and a one-a-week-for-ten-weeks course, I had $270 left to buy even more books. The requests are pending, but I’m pretty excited about the lineup.*

Of course, despite being very impatient to be able to load up my Kindle with all these exciting books, there is the problem of finishing the ten books that I bought last year. The goal is to get a quick review of each of my 2009 purchases (since they’re all still quite relevant) before I get to have fun with these new purchases. You’ll get to witness if I meet this challenge!

* Unless indicated otherwise, the links are to the Kindle editions, which are what I plan on purchasing.

† Paperback; only the first edition is available in Kindle format.

‡ Paperback + ebook bundle from A Book Apart and Rosenfeld Media, respectively.


About Veronica Erb

Designs, researches, illustrates, and writes code. Plays ukulele. Dances Balboa. Grew up in a geodesic dome, and hasn't gotten over it.
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